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A long time ago, in a land far far away, two brothers from the race of Munchkins built the Arena.  Their names were Min and Max.  They had a vision of an epic battleground where the most powerful heroes would prove themselves in parties of four.  Both of them had very strong ideas on how best to achieve their goal.  In the end, they were able to compromise on almost every facet of the mystical locations construction.

Luck was determined to be the enemy of true competition.  So powerful enchantments were built in to the foundation that eliminated the effects of critical hits and misses.  Magical items were also accounted for in that they lose all of their powers when summoned to the Arena.  The contest is between the combatants and they must stand on their own!

Being summoned to the Arena is a great honor bestowed only upon those deemed worthy.  Nobody knows for sure how exactly one goes about drawing the attention of the Arena, or even whose attention it is.  Some whisper that the brothers are immortal and that their spirits govern the place.  Others believe that the ghosts of the champions haunt the hidden stands watching and silently cheering.  What is known is that participants never truly set foot in the arena.  If a hero chooses to answer the call, an avatar of their form is summoned at the entrance chosen for them.

There are two opposing pairs of entrances to the Arena, The Min Way and The Max Way.  Min felt that the battle was solely between the contestants. His way consists of a straight hallway leading to a shimmering curtain through which the Arena proper awaits.  The Max Way is the more difficult path.  Max felt that a single battle did little to demonstrate the overall tenacity of an adventuring party.  To travel The Max Way is to battle through three waves of Kobolds and even a Dragon before confronting your competitors in the Arena itself.

Will you answer the call?

The Max Way Entrance

In Max’s astral entrance to the Arena, shadow formed Kobolds strive to waylay contestants before they even get a chance to prove themselves.  The Slingers bomb away with their special pots while the minions attempt to swarm any intruders.  Anyone can retreat from this battle at any time if they are too faint of heart, but the brave must lower themselves into the hole by way of the rope ladder…

The Max Way Statue Hall

This battle is very straight forward as the Wyrmpriest sends forth his shifty servants to swarm and surround the party as he supports them from behind and fires orbs of shadowy energy.  He does have a chilly surprise for those that manage to close in on him!

Dragon Throne Room

The Dragon is the final barrier to competition in the Arena.  Those that prove themselves against the wyrm are worthy of Max’s championship.  Snowflake will send out her minions to trap the group and will not hesitate to sacrifice them and unleash her breath weapon if she believes it will do more harm to the invaders.

The Arena

Whether The Min Way or The Max Way was the road to The Arena, the fire lit stage is the stuff legends are made of in all the worlds.  Each party enters the contest from opposite sides.  Ranged attackers are well advised to stay back on the gently sloping steps while the melee brutes charge forth to mix it up in the center square.  All combatants would be wise to avoid the braziers, as their ethereal flames are the one danger in this place that can cause true and instant death to a contestant.

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!


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I created The Right Wing to prove a point in a discussion about the role of Controllers and how little I valued them.  The exercise was quite fun and led me to discover a great deal about the Dragonborn and even a few class abilities.  I’ve become enamored with another concept and have built a new party around it.  I introduce the newest super rap group SWA, Shorties Wit Attitude.

The Arena will be a place to discuss these and any other submitted theme groups.  The only submission guidelines will be that they include four members and use WoTC hardcover bound source material rules.  The point of the exercise is to explore cool or goofy ideas and to learn more about the possibilities in the D&D game.  And if two people get attached to different groups then let the PvP games begin!

So now for the first poll!

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